About Us

After running a bike shop in the Cotswolds, we were surprised just how few good local bike shops there are in this area.

It seems that the rise of the internet has led to the demise of many local bike shops - and yet the increase in cycling as a hobby, for fitness or commuting has left a shortage of qualified mechanics

This is why we decided to set up a mobile service.

Technological advances have made bikes better to ride, but harder for a DIY enthusiast to look after at home - especially with the ever growing specialist tool requirement.

To maintain a thorough understanding of all the latest equipment (Electronic Di2 gears, Hydraulic Brakes, Suspension Air Can's / Forks, Carbon fibre wheels….) Dave has attained Cytech Level 3 Certification - In both Road and Mountain Bike disciplines.  This is the highest qualification currently available in the U.K.

Dave has considerable experience built up through running the shop in the Cotswolds, running a mobile mechanic station on the London - Brighton, and looking after bikes for many every day riders.

However old your bike is - it can still run like new!